Product Features

Sales Generation

Use Zoey.AI to generate sales leads and to converse with customers, via email or phone

Use Zoey.AI to follow up with customers on overdue/approaching invoices, and to calculate ratings for customers based on history.

AI Conversations

Use Zoey.AI to redefine how you manage cash in and cash out. Increase invoice remittance by up to 50%

Conversation auditing

With recorded conversations, measure why sales fall off the funnel and see how you can improve conversions with detailed analytics.

Features Explored

   Our top customers types


Lenders use our AI driven workflows to manage their loan defaults for auto, credit, personal, etc. Lenders can save up to 40% by switching to Kaizen for collections.

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As one of the leading industries for collections. general contractors in major cities integrate with our API to enhance recovery on aged invoices.

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Collection Agencies

Agencies use our enterprise grade software to manage all their software and to create payment links.

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Companies that offer services as an agency, like lobbying, marketing, security, etc use our services to eliminate bad debt

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Freight & Transport

Our streamlined platform empowers freight companies who want to settle bad balances by finding the best rates and recoveries.

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Municipalites use it for collecting on parking, sewage, taxes, etc

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Medical facilities benefit from Kaizen payments by eliminating unpaid bills and creating a clearer view of what's not being paid

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Security companies use Kaizen to protect against bad balances.

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Software companies that rely on invoiced billing use Kaizen for largely their enterprise accounts

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